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art in science award

In 1991, the first novel award was presented in recognition of excellence in pressure distribution research. The novel award recipient was determined by an international review committee from the fields of biomechanics and medicine. The novel award for pressure distribution measurement research continued since then to be endowed by novel.
In 2010 the “novel award” was renamed the “art in science award”. The prize will be awarded to scientists presenting papers not only associated with pedography or foot biomechanics, but for any research in the field of sensing body contact and dynamic load distribution.
The art in science award 2014, with a prize of US $5,000 will be presented for the best scientific manuscript in the field of dynamic load distribution in biomechanics. The paper must be entirely original, not published at the time of the meeting in any journal nor submitted for publication to any journal or book. The paper must describe a scientific study including pressure distribution measurement.
The review of the papers will be conducted by a prominent panel of experts. The art in science award will be presented to the winner at the banquet, July 5, 2014.

We are very pleased that Dr. Howard Hillstrom, Hospital of Special Surgeries, New York, has accepted to chair the art in science scientific committee for the first time!
Howard J. Hillstrom has directed the Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory at HSS since 2005. His main research activity is in the biomechanics of posture and locomotion and the underlying neuromuscular physiology of healthy, athletic, and pathological individuals. Exploration of how lower extremity structure and function are related to human movement with special attention to osteoarthritis is a central theme in his research. Dr. Hillstrom has conducted over 75 research studies in predominantly lower extremity pathomechanics and has over 70 peer reviewed publications disseminating his work.

Michael Morlock, ESM 2012 scientific chair and the winners of the art in science award 2012:
Karsten Engel, German Sport University Cologne, Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics, Cologne, Germany and
Roelof Waaijman, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Previous Winners of the novel award/art in science award

Aalborg 2012, Karsten Engel, German and Roelof Waaijman, The Netherlands
Providence 2010, Josh Slane, USA
Dundee, 2008, Scott Wearing, UK
Spitzingsee, 2006 Wolfgang Potthast, Germany
Leeds, 2004, Joshua Burns, Australia and Mark Thomson, Germany
Kananaskis, 2002, Katrina S. Maluf, USA
Munich, 2000, Matthew Nurse, Canada
Calgary, 1999, Brian Davis, USA
Brisbane, 1998, Margret Hodge, Australia
Tokyo, 1997, Erez Morag, USA
Pennstate, 1996, Dieter Rosenbaum, Germany
Ulm, 1994 Michael Morlock, Germany
Vienna, 1991 Benno Nigg, Canada

Presentation award

Will be presented during the final reception on Saturday evening, July 5, 2014.
The award is based on voting of the scientific committee.
The award winner will receive a prize of US$ 1,000.

Peter Seitz, CEO novel, Uwe Kersting, ESM 2012 host and the winner of the presentation award 2012 Sicco Bus, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Poster award

Will be presented during the final reception on Saturday evening, July 5, 2014.
The award is based on voting of the scientific committee.
The award winner will receive a prize of US$ 1,000.

Roshna Wunderlich, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA,
the winner of the best poster award 2012, Uwe Kersting, ESM 2012 host and Peter Seitz, CEO novel

Most Promising Proposal

The Most Promising Proposal (MPP) award was introduced during ESM 2012 and will be presented again in 2014.
Anyone who has not defended his or her PhD prior to the first conference day (July 2, 2014) is eligible for this award. The goal is to present a project proposal which includes the investigation of load distribution on the human or animal body. The topic area can be freely chosen and a document of maximum 2 pages (excl. reference list) can be submitted to the session chair one hour before the award session starts (7 printed copies have to be provided). No prior disclosure of the title, topic area or any details of the proposed study are allowed.

Proposals fitting the requirements will be presented in a separate award session on the 3rd day of ESM 2014. The main author will have 3 minutes for presentation of the study background, concept and plan followed by a 3 minutes discussion. The presentation should be only verbal, no slides or posters are allowed. The award committee will consist of 3 members of the scientific committee plus 3 randomly selected ad hoc members.

The winner will be the most innovative, relevant and most convincingly presented proposal. The winner will be presented at the final conference banquet. The prize money is US$ 1,000.

Sabata Gervasio, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI), Aalborg University, Alborg, Denmark,
the winner of the MPP award 2012, Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting (supervisor) and Uwe Kersting, ESM 2012 host.

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